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"You've made a wise investment in yourself and your health. You're about to embark on a short but life changing journey that will cost very little in terms of dollars & time invested... but will return huge rewards that will positively impact the rest of your life in untold positive ways. Value the Journey & Enjoy your Results... You Deserve It!"

Your 7 Steps To Weight Loss Success...

Within The Diet Playbook website you will find the tools and resources you need to drop your excess fat and improve your health for the long term.

We're 100% committed to your success and this is why we've based our approach on the Mediterranean Diet.

Key benefits of The Mediterranean Diet:
  • Recognized widely to promote safe & rapid weight loss, heart & brain health, cancer prevention, and diabetes prevention & control.
  • A lifestyle approach that is affordable and easy to follow.
  • No health risks.
  • Hunger shouldn’t be a problem on this diet.
  • The food tastes great.

  • ...and everything you need to be successful is right here within this website. Let's get started!

    STEP 1 - Watch this short video as a quick overview of the Mediterranean Diet:

    STEP 2 - Be Ready To Be Slimmer & Healthier!... Print & Post Our "8 Key Tips" and check out the motivational videos in the videos section. - Click here to download now

    STEP 3 - Download the following right now...
  • The Complete Xtreme Diet Manual - Click here to download now
    This easy to read & follow ebook provides you with Step-By-Step direction on using the Mediterranean Diet to lose your excess weight quickly & easily.
  • The Gourmet Mediterranean Diet Cookbook - Click here to download now
    This cookbook contains over 150 Mediterranean gourmet recipes to help you enjoy your food while you lose weight & get healthy.

  • STEP 4 - Print out & keep these Helpful "Quick Start" Reference Guides Handy:
  • Quick Start Mediterranean Diet Guide - Click here to download now
  • Quick Start Recipes - A Few of Our Favourite - Click here to download now

  • STEP 5 - Explore the other tabs at the top of this page to find lots more great Tools & Resources available to you:
  • Videos - Learn Pilates, Work Out At Home series, Advanced Workout Series, Recipes & Cooking videos.
  • Articles - Informative Mediterranean Diet articles
  • Tools - These will help you with your diet
  • Q & A - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
  • It Works - Testimonials
  • Resources - Outside resources we personally recommend

  • STEP 6 - Weigh yourself & take some pictures so you can enter our "It Works" Contest to win up to $1,000 in cash.

    STEP 7 - Have Fun & Just Do It! Whether you are going to start with a 7 day cleanse or jump right into the Mediterranean diet... pick a date and do it. Every journey begins with that first step. "Value the Journey & Enjoy the Results"... You Deserve It!


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